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FREE Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions

Hard drive analysis software

If your computer is slow or takes forever to load, it may have a bad hard drive. To find out if your hard drive is good or bad, run the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software on your PC or laptop and run the "extended test".


If your hard drive fails the analysis, then its bad and needs to be replaced. Contact us at 954.376.6054 so we can install a new hard drive.

Recover and Restore your Data

Data recovery fort lauderdale Besides computer repair in Fort Lauderdale, we can recover your lost business or personal data, including documents, pictures, videos, music, etc. Whether from a computer crash or an inaccessible hard drive, our hard drive data analysis is a great disaster recovery tool. Do you have an old computer with priceless pictures on it, we will recover them. If no data can be recovered, no charge. Guaranteed!

Our data recovery services include:

  • Hard drive Data recovery
  • USB flash drive data recovery
  • Hard drive damage analysis
  • Hard drive failure detection
  • Documents recovery
  • Pictures, music, video recovery
  • Partition data recovery
  • No Data recovered, no charge!

Small Business and Residential Backup Solutions

We offer discounts on Hard Drive data backup solutions for residential and small business customers who purchase a remote back plan on OnlineBackupVault.com. Please view there prices and use are discount code below to save money now.

10% off recurring discount (every month, quarter or year)

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