Invalid Partition Table error | Windows XP

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Invalid Partition Table error | Windows XP

Invalid Partition Table error


After trying to boot up a Windows XP computer, you see an Invalid Partition Table error on a black screen.

Possible Causes

This error message may occur after running the "fixmbr" command in recovery console. The "fixmbr" command may have corrupted the master boot record and therefore caused the Invalid Partition table error message to appear.


To resolve this issue, try the following:

  • Boot the computer using your Windows XP with recovery console CD.
  • When the "Windows XP Professional or Home Setup" screen appears, press the R to enter Recovery Console.
  • Choose the Windows Installation to load and enter the administrator password
  • Run the "Fixboot" command and the restart your computer.
  • Applies to:

    Windows XP Professional
    Windows Media Center Edition
    Windows Home


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